Microsoft Excel 2010



This course is training for basic, intermediate, and advanced features of Microsoft Office?Excel 2010 software. Excel is a spreadsheet program in the Microsoft Office system. You can use Excel to create and format workbooks (a collection of spreadsheets) in order to analyze data and make more informed business decisions. Specifically, you can use Excel to track data, build models for analyzing data, write formulas to perform calculations on that data, pivot the data in numerous ways, and present data in a variety of professional looking charts.

Module 1: Introduction
1.1 Course Outline
1.2 Introducing Excel 2010
1.3 The Excel Interface
1.4 Keyboard Shortcuts
1.5 Section Review
Module 2: Basic File Commands and Operations
2.1 Creating, Saving and Closing Workbooks
2.2 Personalizing Files and Opening Workbooks
2.3 Viewing Existing Workbooks and Applying Templates
2.4 Keyboard Shortcuts
2.5 Section Review
Module 3: Creating, Managing and Navigating the Worksheets
3.1 Creating and Managing Worksheets
3.2 Navigating the Worksheets
3.3 Keyboard Shortcuts
3.4 Section Review
Module 4: Entering and Managing Worksheet Data
4.1 Worksheet Basics and Cell Range Selection
4.2 Entering Cell Content and Multiple Cells
4.3 AutoContent and Undo, Redo and Repeat
4.4 Updating and Clearing Cell Content
4.5 Inserting and Deleting, Rows and Columns
4.6 Copying, Cutting, Pasting and Moving Contents
4.7 Keyboard Shortcuts
4.8 Section Review
Module 5: Formatting Cells and Worksheets
5.1 Formatting Cells and Applying Formats
5.2 Alignment
5.3 Merging Cells and Cell Styles
5.4 Numbers
5.5 Apply and Modify Formats
5.6 Using Table Features
5.7 Pivot Tables
5.8 Manipulating data within the pivot tables
5.9 Keyboard Shortcuts
5.10 Section Review
Module 6: Applying Formulas and Functions
6.1 Creating Formulas
6.2 Using Cell References
6.3 Managing and Updating Formulas
6.4 Creating Functions
6.5 Conditional Statements
6.6 Error Messages
6.7 Keyboard Shortcuts
6.8 Section Review
Module 7: Analyzing and Organizing Data
7.1 Find and Replace
7.2 Sorting
7.3 Filtering
7.4 Conditional Formatting and Keyboard Shortcuts
7.5 Section Review
Module 8: Naming and Hyperlinks
8.1 Naming Cells and Ranges
8.2 Hyperlinks
8.3 Section Review
Module 9: Displaying Data Visually Using Charts
9.1 Charting
9.2 Layout Chart Element Options and Format
9.3 Sparklines
9.4 Keyboard shortcuts
9.5 Section Review
Module 10: Preparing to Print and Printing
10.1 Preparing to Print with Page Layouts
10.2 Section Review
Module 11: Share Worksheet Data with Other Users
11.1 Sharing a Document and Managing Comments
11.2 Section Review
Module 12: Including Illustrations and Graphics in a Workbook
12.1 Inserting and Formatting Pictures
12.2 Inserting and Formatting Clip Art
12.3 Inserting and Formatting Shapes, Word Art and Text Boxes
12.4 Inserting and Formatting Smart Art
12.5 Keyboard Shortcuts
12.6 Section Review
Module 13: Customize the Excel Interface
13.1 Section Review
13.2 Course Review


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