Microsoft Access 2010



This course covers basic, intermediate, and advanced features of Microsoft Access 2010 software . Access 2010 is a database application, design, and deployment tool that users use to keep track of important information. Users of this software can keep data on their computer, or they can publish it to the Web, so that other users may access the database with a web browser. Access databases can help the user store and track just about any kind of information, such as inventory, contacts, or business processes.

Module 1: Access 2010 Basic
1.1 Intro
1.2 Databases and the Access Interface
1.3 Spreadsheets and Tables
1.4 Entering Data in a Table
1.5 Relationships Between Tables
1.6 Editing A Form
1.7 Queries
1.8 Across the Tables
1.9 Creating Forms
1.10 Conclusion
Module 2: Access 2010 Intermediate
2.1 Intro
2.2 Primary Key
2.3 Multiple Table Query
2.4 Creating Forms
2.5 Validation Within Forms
2.6 Adding Related Fields
2.7 Forms Created with Design View
2.8 Find Functionality
2.9 Creating Report
2.10 Conclusion
Module 3: Access 2010 Advanced
3.1 Intro
3.2 Customizing Access with BackStage Options
3.3 Mailing Labels
3.4 Macros
3.5 Macros Pt. 2
3.6 Queries
3.7 Queries Pt. 2
3.8 Joining in Sequel
3.9 Navigation
3.10 Adding Chart with Specific Data
3.11 Action Query
3.12 Security
3.13 Conclusion


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