Citrix CXS-203: XenServer 6.5 Design, Implement and Administer




In the Citrix XenServer 6.0 course, students are provided with the foundation necessary to effectively install, configure, administer, and troubleshoot XenServer 6.0. Students will also learn how to configure a Provisioning Services 6.0 host, and create and manage vDisks in a XenServer environment. Students will acquire the skills needed to configure the Distributed Virtual Switch (DVS) as well as Workload Balancing (WLB). Students will also create and manage Windows virtual machines and the resource pools in which they will be placed.


Module 1: Intro To XenServer And Virtualization
1.1 Intro To Virtual Computing
1.2 Hypervisors Part 1
1.3 Hypervisors Part 2
1.4 Installing Your First VM
1.5 Creating An Active Directory Domain In The VM
1.6 Adding VM And Host To Domain
1.7 Virtual Networks Explained

Module 2: Comprehensive Introduction To Linux
2.1 Intro And Demo Of Linux
2.2 Configuring Linux VM
2.3 Network Configuration
2.4 Linux Scripting And File Permissions
2.5 Advanced Linux Permissions
2.6 Linux DHCP And Disks Explained
2.7 Install And Configure DHCP

Module 3: Hosts, Storage, And Networking
3.1 Storage Access And Configuration
3.2 iCSI Configuration And Access
3.3 Storage Repository
3.4 Subnets Explained
3.5 Subnets Example
3.6 More Subnetting
3.7 Building A Linux Based VM Router

Module 4: Comprehensive Introduction To Powershell
4.1 Why Powershell
4.2 Using Powershell
4.3 Pipelines And WMI
4.4 More WMI And Scripting Using Powershell
4.5 Advanced PowershellS cripting

Module 5: XenServer Components And Features
5.1 Critical Components
5.2 VM Templates
5.3 Virtual Networking
5.4 Automation Explained
5.5 Automation Using Xenserver CLI Demo
5.6 Automation Using Powershell Demo
5.7 Powershell Script Completion And Execution
5.8 Protecting Your Virtual Environment Explained
5.9 Protecting Your Virtual EnvironmentDemo
5.10 XenCenter Comprehensive Walk Through

Module 6: Problem Resolution
6.1 Troubleshooting Explained
6.2 VM Migration

Module 7: Review
7.1 XenServer Exam Objectives
7.2 PXE Server Explained
7.3 PXE Server Demo
7.4 XenServer Product Review
7.5 AD Using Command Line And PowerShell
7.6 Conclusion



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