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Introduction to IT Certification- A Five Step Guide

New to Information Technology or Certification?  Start Here!

As the Information Technology industry rapidly changes, so does the number, types, and names of certifications that are available. For those new to IT certifications and even for those who haven’t stayed up to date for a year – IT certifications can become very confusing, very quickly.

There are many certification bodies – Microsoft, Cisco, CompTIA, EC-Council, Oracle, VMWare and hundreds more.  For each certification body a variety of certifications are offered.  How do you make sense of it all, and where do you start? 

To make things easier for those new to IT, the professionals at Study IT All have listed five steps to starting a successful career in computers.  It all starts with determining your interests!

Step 1- IT Interests Assessment:

To help you answer the most important question-- what certification should I begin with?  Our Trained Consultants will help you to decide which information technology careers appeal to you. The consultant will suggest specific areas of IT where your unique strengths are, such as support, development or network administration. 

Step 2- Explore IT Career Paths:

You can also look up your suggested job titles in the IT Business Campus Career Paths option.   For example, if technical support is one of your strengths, click on the "Helpdesk / Technical Support" option to read a detailed description of the job role, potential growth and what to expect, job titles and corresponding UcertifyOnline courses.

Step 3- Explore Corresponding Certifications:

After reading about career paths and assessing your skills, read about the appropriate IT Certification Courses for your unique career path.  Certification courses are listed by Career Path and are are grouped into Beginner (Entry-Level), Intermediate (Mid-Level) and Master (Professional-Level) courses. 

Step 4- Get Started!  Speak to a Career Consultant

Ready to get started now?   Why make an important investment in your future without expert advice.  Chat Online with a Career Consultant.  Our Career Consultants have decades of industry experience combined and are ready to set you up with a demo course, and help assist you with your different training options. 

Step 5- Start Your IT Job Search:

When your training is complete, start your job search. Let employers know of your preparation, skills, knowledge and personal interest in the job.