High School

eTutor SA is an essential resource for the South African school system, providing school teachers and learners with the flexibility they need to reach their goals.
eTutor SA is not e-Learning, neither is it digital learning; eTutor SA is Interactive Virtual Learning at its best. Powered by IT Business Campus and its partners to bring new ways to teach South Africa’s curriculum and help learners and teachers succeed.

So what is eTutor SA?
eTutor SA is a teacher mediated, South African curriculum driven platform produced in multi-media format which encourages learners to learn the curriculum, study, monitor their performance and plan for exams.

It is easy to use, highly flexible and interactive.
Never before have South African learners had the opportunity to experience lessons in such a dynamic environment.

  1. Learners have access to high quality education delivered by highly qualified teachers
  2. Content is aligned with the current curriculum and selected text books
  3. Learners and teachers are able to access a huge resource bank of simulated tests in real-time to prepare for exams.
  4. Test results and general performance reports are accessed at any time
  5. Follows the Heinemann -Classroom mathematics textbook
  6. We have Recreated the Classroom Environment Online.
  7. Training is Online Instructor Led

This course can be done either at a campus or online

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